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Glass Cat Studios LLC is a game development company based out of Orlando, Florida.  Our mission is to make fun, captivating, and immersive virtual reality escape rooms for entertainment.  Long term, we are going to expand into making both escape rooms in fantastical environments, as well virtual reality experiences.  Glass Cat Studios is an interdisciplinary team comprised of designers and artists who have worked on a variety of software projects, both long-term and short-term.  We are experienced in development in Unreal and Unity.




This is section showcases our released projects and projects we are currently working on. Essentially you can find  information about our games here, such as Release dates!!, and anything else you’d like.


Once a year all those things that go bump in the night, are free to roam the mortal realm. But this time you and a your comrades have be captured by the witch! Forgetting a major ingredient for her spell, she has to left you unattended.  You must work together with your team to escape her castle or suffer your true fate!!

         Now on Steam!

Battleship Touchdown

The players embarks on a journey to prove they are worthy of being revived by the Goddess Isis. But quickly learns that wont be a easy feat, when they come to learn that the test isn't cut and dry. The player has what seems like a life time to them but a second to a God to collect the relics and escape the tomb.


Available for purchase on Steam



A very beautiful puzzle on the theme of Ancient Egypt. Atmospheric and well-designed game.

I thought it was really fun, especially cause I haven't done VR or Escape room so it was a fun 1st time for both.

I felt really immersed, can't stop smiling just remembering.

Engaging and graphically, it''s beautifully executed.



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