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Trial of The Gods

Casual - $9.99

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An Immersive Egyptian Escape Game That Challenge your wits,  against the Gods!

You are resurrected by the motherly Goddess Isis and have limited time to explore and escape the tomb before you are banished back to the Underworld. Outsmart the Gods! Complete the tasks before you to please The Gods and win your humanity back.



“A very beautiful puzzle on the theme of Ancient Egypt. Atmospheric and well-designed game.”
“I thought it was really fun, especially cause I haven't done VR or Escape room so it was a fun 1st time for both.”
“I felt really immersed, can't stop smiling just remembering.”

Challenge your wits, test your mettle, prove you are worthy of a second chance by completing the riddles and puzzles of the Egyptian Gods!

Key Features

  • Explore an Egyptian tomb built by the Gods and Goddess

  • Solve mental and physical puzzles ranging in difficulty from peasant to God.

  • Crumble under the pressure of the Gods or play at you leisure

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1 V9-OPWpauGEi-JMp05RC_A(2).png
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