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The Haunting Hour

Escape Room - $5.99

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There's only an hour until the Haunting Hour begins, will you make it out?

Cooperate in this Cross-platform Multiplayer Virtual Reality Escape Room to escape the Witch’s Castle. Pit your wits against twisted puzzles and crazy challenges as you and your fellow imprisoned ghosts race against time.



“If you have anywhere from 2 to 4 people who will buy this and play it with you, I would definitely recommend it. It's a fun quirky and nicely made co-op experience for all VR headsets.”
“Very beautiful and challenging escape game with nice graphics and a nice story.”
“This game is great, totally recommended!
The controls are intuitive and simple, and the gameplay is really engaging.”

A wild, multiplayer, puzzle solving, race against time!

Key Features

  • Integrated Voice Chat through Steam.

  • Insidious puzzles, across a range of mechanics, to challenge your wits and abilities.

  • Unlockable character skins for spooky customization.

  • Unique rooms to explore.

  • Play with your friends or rally with complete strangers.

  • Work together to solve puzzles or chuck plates at your teammates until they rage

  • Cross-platform support for Oculus,WMR and Vive through Steam. *Everyone in the party doesn't need the same headset to play together.*

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1 V9-OPWpauGEi-JMp05RC_A(2).png
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